Family Knows Something Isn’t Right At Their Dad’s Nursing Home, So They Setup A Hidden Camera

Life can be a real struggle. The individual has a lot of responsibilities to care for. They must secure their family’s health care, they must pay taxes, they must manage their own retirement investments, and they must make sure their aging parents are cared for. Any one of these responsibilities can become overwhelming. And if an individual does not balance everything well, then one of these aspects could fall out of sync with the others. If that happens, it can result in pain and suffering.

That’s what happened to one senior man whose family was doing the best they could to support him at the end of his life. Because they were unable to take him into their home, the man’s family helped him by sending him to a nursing home. But little did they know the nursing home they had trusted with their patriarch was abusing him and taking advantage of him.

When Hussein Younes’s six children knew their father needed extra care, they put together their money and helped get him a bed at a nursing home. But soon after he arrived there, his family began to suspect that he was not receiving the care he deserved. At 89-years-old, Younes needed a kind heart to help him in his final years. But hidden camera footage found that the Michigan nursing home he was living in offered no such care to the senior man. Instead, the nurses would beat him and slap him and throw him around.

In more than 100 video clips, the family captured the nursing home staff mistreating their beloved father although his stay in the home was very brief. The “unspeakable horrors” that occurred while he stayed in the home had a lot to do with his ethnicity as an Arab.

Besides the physical abuse, he also endured a near-constant verbal assault.

In one clip, the nurse shouts, “[I] can’t stand this Arab and all he does is f***** hollar.” When Younes grunts, the nurse replies, “I’m sick of your stupid a**. Get your a*** up in here. F**** b****.”

Younes was a stroke survivor. The incident caused his body to go limp on one side. And he needed to live in the nursing home in 2015 after having abdominal surgery. His family heard about the abuse from the father and pulled him from the facility – but not after obtaining video evidence of the assault.

Younes lost weight while in the facility and suffered “anxiety attacks causing him to shake, quiver, grunt, and yell.”

The employees involved in the abuse have been fired.

But Younes’s son has come forward to share the videos to raise awareness about elder abuse.

“[W]hat happened to me and my dad and my family, what we’ve been through, is unbearable,” his son, Salim, told Hometown Life. “The purpose that I’m here (for) is to let the world know that this place is no good. I don’t advise anybody to put their family over there.”

How Younes’s family is filing a lawsuit against the facility for the abuse, their father endured.


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