Police Stopped This Monster Before He Could Kidnap A 14-Year-Old Girl To Sell Her On The Black Market

When an Alabama man sunk his hooks into a 14-year-old girl, he figured he could sell her to a Tennessee sex trafficker for some quick cash. He had detailed plans to snatch up the “young, clean virgin” and then trade her for $8,000 to the criminal who was involved in the underground sex trafficking ring in the southern United States.

Thankfully, Brian David “Blaze” Boersma, 48, was caught before he could commit the immoral crime. He had tried to hire someone to kidnap the little girl and her mother, so he could sell them on the underground human trafficking market. He has pleaded guilty to federal charges.

Undercover FBI agents caught 48-year-old Boersma in the act of committing the crime. He was arrested in October 2017. He had “hired” the FBI agents to kidnap the mother and her “clean, young virgin” daughter so he could sell them on the black market for a little bit of cash. He had given the FBI agents $3,000 to commit the kidnapping.

Around that time, Boersma was bragging to his co-workers about how he knew a pimp he could sell the “virgin” to for $8,000. The sex trafficker lived in Memphis, Tennessee.

Good thing the FBI was doing their job and stopped this low-life before he was able to sell the woman and her daughter into sex slavery.

Boersma pleaded guilty on Monday. He admitted he had attempted to kidnap the mother and the girl and then sell them into a sex trafficking ring. He also had possession of a firearm, despite being a convicted felon, and intended to use the weapon to further a violent crime.

He could be put away in jail until he is 113 years old.

US Attorney Jay Town hopes to put Boersma in prison until his days run up.

“Boersma has revealed the worst parts of human depravity and his guilty plea provides little comfort to those who would have suffered unspeakable horrors,” Town stated. “He will spend most, if not all, of the remainder of his life in prison…and then he has hell to look forward to.”

Boersma worked in the Alabama Farmers’ Cooperative in Decatur, where he would hunt for “clean, young virgins” to sell to his Tennessee pimp. He shuttled trailers from warehouses to storage yards and was always on the hunt for that quick cash his sex trafficking hobby afforded him.

The confessed sex trafficker approached his co-worker asking if he knew someone to commit the kidnapping. Thankfully, the co-worker called the FBI in September. Two agents posed as the kidnappers. Then in a series of payments, Boersma paid FBI agents $3,440 to do the deed.

In the plea deal, Boersma told his co-worker how he planned to sell the 14-year-old “young, clean virgin,” to a Memphis pimp for up to $40,000. The sex trafficker ultimately only offered Boersma $8,000, which he tried to snatch up.

Additionally, Boersma told FBI agents that he outfitted a trailer as a rape van so the mother could be turned into a “bloody mess.” And when she was dead, he’d “have to go get 300lbs of lime and dig a hole.”


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