When Officers Pulled This Disabled Woman Over, They Had No Idea The Real Problem Was In The Backseat

Some people choose to take on a job as a civil servant. These include jobs like police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians. These people take on the responsibility of a job that can require them to help people on a daily basis, and sometimes even save their lives. Two officers in Shaker Heights, Ohio did just that during a routine traffic stop.

Alex Oklander and Ryan Sidders were on a routine patrol when they spotted a car that was driving around with its’ flashers on. They went to pull the car over to see what the issue was with the motorist and they go more than they bargained for. They realized that it was a parent’s worst nightmare.

When the motorist, Tamica Pruitt, stopped the car she jumped out and ran over to the back passenger side door and flung it open. When the officers approached the car they realized why she was frantic. Her 2 month old daughter, Tyra, was in the back seat and she was choking and not able to breathe. The officers noticed that the baby had milk coming from her mouth and nose so they leaped into action to help this baby in need.

They pulled the baby girl from her car seat and began to perform infant back thrusts to get whatever was stuck in her throat out. They turned her over on her stomach and performed the thrusts as they were trained to do. After a few thrusts, they were able to hear the baby breathe again. This whole situation was caught on their body cams for the world to be able to witness the saving of this baby girl.

Recent sources had reported that the baby was ok and is at home with mom with no lasting issues. The officers have since been honored for their bravery and courage in the saving of this innocent life.

In a day and age where the actions of police officers are often questionable, it is nice to see them doing what they need to do. They are helping the communities they serve and are saving lives. It is a difficult time that we are living in with new dangers all the time.

Police officers have often made the news lately where their conduct was unbecoming, but this cannot be the case for a majority of officers. There are officers all over the world who are good at their job and they serve their communities with dignity and respect. They are tasked with doing a difficult and dangerous job and they receive extensive training in order to be able to handle those situations.

It is just like anything else, the actions of a few are reflected upon the many. It is another stereotype that the world needs to address. Not all police are corrupt and most of them are out there to keep our neighborhoods safe and to make sure that we can walk down the streets of our hometowns without having to worry about it.

Source: Police Officers Save Choking Baby Amidst A Busy Intersection by rumblestaff

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